Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas

I realize it sounds preposterously ambitious for a startup to tryto become as big as Apple. But no more ambitious than it was forApple to become as big as Apple, and they did it. Plus a startuptaking on this problem now has an advantage the original Appledidn’t: the example of Apple. Steve Jobs has shown us what’spossible. That helps would-be successors both directly, as RogerBannister did, by showing how much better you can do than peopledid before, and indirectly, as Augustus did, by lodging the ideain users’ minds that a single person could unroll the future for them.

Excellent post by Paul Graham. What is really interesting about this is the comparison to Roger Bannister. It was one of those things that I never really thought of, but like many of Paul’s things kind of whacks you in the head.

My ideas:
– Choose Your Own Adventure films where the audience in the theater votes on the plot changes
– Embed a localized ad unit in the credits of movies to advertise to people waiting for the post roll at the end of Pixar / Marvel movies.


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