Socialtext Offers Free Corporate Alumni Networks

It is awesome working for a company that is creative, fun to be part of, cutting edge and in-demand. It is more awesome when the company does altruistic things to help out people impacted by the current economic crisis.To that end, I’m really excited that Socialtext is offering free Corporate Alumni Networks to any organization that recently had to lay-off any of its employees.As Ross explains: Today, Socialtext is meeting this latent need with a free Corporate Social Network offer for the 2009 Recession. Any former employee and HR director of a company that reduced its workforce by 5% or more in the last year can create a private Corporate Social Network for free by applying here. Please note that this offer does not include free user support. We ask for an HR contact to be involved to encourage a constructive tone, enable the HR department to share informational resources and so the company can leverage the network over time for connections, knowledge and expertise. However, as was our experience with the PeopleSoft Alumni Network, the energy and participation will likely be driven by the grass-roots.


On Alan Lepofsky Joining Socialtext


A few weeks ago, there was much hubabalu in the blogs about Alan Lepofsky joining Socialtext. You can read all about it here.Since I’m still fairly new to the space, I wasn’t as familiar with Alan as most others who have been deeply entrenched in enterprise social. I knew it was a big deal, though when Ross did a cool little celebratory dance when Alan accepted.After a week of working closely with Alan, I totally get it. I’ve found Alan to be smart, curious and extremely adapt, especially coming from IBM, now to Socialtext. He is going to bring an incredible amount of value to the Socialtext team. It is great to have him on board.Plus, his old-school hip-hop Twitter posts are a great way to start the day.