It’s a Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, World


Those that follow me on Twitter know that I was lamenting the other night about not being able to install Ubuntu or Puppy Linux on my home machine.  Yes, I know that sounds really geeky for a sales guy, but here is my dilemma.  I have a very old desktop computer, but I’ve pimped it out pretty good.  I’ve upgraded the RAM to about 2GB and have a 300GB HD on top of the 100GB that it came with.  It works fine, but after about 3 years of running windows, boy was it pokey.

What I wanted to do was partition my drive and run Ubuntu or Puppy since 80% of the work that I do is browser based.  My WindowsXP machine was to the point where it just drove me nuts to start it up.  Painful is an understatement.  But, I had more problems installing Linux on this machine than I ever would have imagined, though I’m not all that bright when it comes to those things. So I did what any reasonable person would do, backed everything up on the external hard drive and reinstalled Windows.

I have to say, that it took me less time to reinstall Windows XP and grab all the updates than it has taken me trying to burn CD’s and get Ubuntu or Puppy going.

Second, I haven’t installed the desktop apps that I had running yet, but I’m going to try to live with just a browser for now. Since I need to start working on our X-Mas cards, I’ll probably have to reinstall PhotoShop sometime soon and I’ll also grab some photo management tool.  I’ve always used Picasa, any suggestions?  I’ll need to get MediaMonkey going again, too, though maybe I’ll try to make do with Windows Media Player 11.

I think that I’m still a few years from completely giving up apps in the cloud, but I could really handle a simple, fast machine that only did Firefox.

Thus far, I’ve been running a few days on only Firefox, McAfee & TweetDeck.  What else do I need really?  I, for one, welcome the future of the cloud.

Photo by Akkumo