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Port St. Gaga – A Mash-Up in Three Parts – @weathervanemusic @ladygaga

Part 1 – Weathervane Music

My friend Brian McTear runs Weathervane Music, a not for profit organization based in Philadelphia who’s sole mission it is to make it easier for unique bands to record their music and get distribution.  Candidly, the artist the he gets are often times a little bit too eclectic for my taste, but I think that, on a whole, what Brian is building will not only benefit the music industry, it will radically change it. 

In short, he picks a band a month and produces a record for them and makes a beautiful, hi-def video chronicling the process.  His latest effort, is from a Portland band, Port St. Willow.

<p>Shaking Through: Port St Willow from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.</p>

Earlier this week, Brian sent out a note to Weathervane supporters that they should nerd out and included links to download the raw, individual tracks to the Port St. Willow track that he recorded. 

Part 2 – Mash-Ups

I have a total thing for mash-ups.  Yes, they are a bit cheesy.  They are a little fun and it is something that we can usually all agree to in the car.  A little bit of disco, a little bit of funk, a little bit of hip-hop.  How do you go wrong?

I’m also super in to, especially for gym time, groups like the Kleptones and Hood Internet and I’ve always wanted to spend a little bit of time to figure this out.  How can I create these using Garage Band?  I know that it isn’t as easy as ProTools, but hey, you’ve gotta use what you’ve got. 

Part 3 – Port St. Gaga

The hottest song in our house right now is Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’.  Yeah, I suppose it is the hottest song in the world right now, especially after the Grammy’s, but my daughter and wife dig it and it is great for dance partys around the house.  There is a pox on our house and everyone but me was pretty sick this weekend, so there was a lot of couch time, what better time to try out this fun new experiment. 

The first part, which I assume is the most challenging part if you don’t have ProTools is finding an acapella version of the song that you’re trying to record. Fortunately, with most popular songs, a little bit of the Google Machine and that issue was resolved in about four-minutes.  Brian did all the hard work by sending out a monster zip file that had all of the raw tracks in and I built the Port St. Gaga mash-up that you can hear here:

Port_St_Gaga.mp3For my first one, I’m pretty happy with the way that this turned out.  I got a little bit lucky in that the timing of the Port St. Willow music matched up fairly nicely.  I’d be hosed if that wasn’t accurate.  I don’t have very good timing in the first place, so I might be missing a lot too.

Brian told me that the most recent mash-up that he got garnered over 1,000 downloads from over 60-countries.  I really want to beat that.  If you like it, you can download it here. If you hate it, you should download it to and give a copy to all of your friends and tell them how bad it is. 

If you have tips or hints on how to improve my next one, please leave them in the comments. 


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