Xobni Adds Functionality, Gets Funding

If you’re in sales, odds are, you spend most of your time in Salesforce.com and in Outlook (and probably ESPN.com this time of year).  Your company has probably spent a boatload of dough trying to get SFDC all dialed in to make you more productive.  Or they have spent a kazillion dollars getting Siebel or some other big, gnarly system working to help make you more effective and accurate with your forecasting, so your SFA angle is all dialed in.But what have you done for yourself in email?  Probably nothing. Why is this?Here is what I want you to do: Go download Xobni for Outlook.  Right now. Seriously, Ctrl-T to a new tab and go to Xobni. I’ll wait.It is awesome.  Essentially it takes your most social, but most poorly designed application (Outlook) and makes your inbox a social application.  At a quick glance, you can see the most common subjects for messages, who your sending to most frequently, get a look at their online personas with ties into LinkedIn, Hoovers & Facebook.Last night, the team at Xobni made a few announcements about product enhancements, including officially lifting the ‘beta’ tag that everything seems to have today.  Other improvements to the app are:

  • Reduced Outlook Startup Time – Xobni now loads much faster inside Outlook
  • Faster Message Loading – Xobni profile data is now cached, reducing delays between loading messages
  • Indexing Controls – users can now control how often and how much of their mail is indexed
  • Sidebar Controls – users can now choose for Xobni to open automatically with Outlook or only open when they need it

The guys at Xobni are old friends from Yahoo and I’ve gotten to take a look at some of the things that they have in the pipeline and it will blow your mind what they are working on.  I’m also really excited for the team there as they raised another round of funding to help pay for some of these developments that they will be announcing soon.http://xobni.com