I, for one, welcome the Google Self Driving Car

The operating percent of a car will go from 4% to that 96%. But back to my leading statement: there are unintended consequences. Parked cars will be a relic from the past. What happens to car insurance prices if a driver is no longer part of the equation? And if cars are receiving 20 times more actual use, that would imply that there would be 20 times less cars sold.[1] This is the kind of disruptive change that can reshape the automotive industry. The recent GM/Chrysler bailout may have been for naught.[3]

I can’t wait to get one of these.

If I Ran Product for Nissan Leaf (@NissanEVs)

My friend Samantha Fein does an awesome set of posts entitled ‘If I…‘ – I dedicate this to her.


It’s been a few months, but I keep seeing ads for the Nissan Leaf, an affordable (i.e. not a Tesla) all electric car that is to be released later this year.  I love the car and I love the idea of having an electric car.But there is also a stigma associated with electric vehicles that is a tough sell to most of America.  Therefore, if I ran the Nissan Leaf product team, I’d cut a deal with one of the major home builders to include the Leaf with every home built with a 3-car garage.K&B, Pulte, whatever, Nissan can get a bunch of these on the road and do to electric cars what Toyota did with the hybrid.  If Nissan can get a builder to include a Nissan charging station in every home, they will pretty much guarantee that Nissan gets head start on deploying and standardizing charging technologies, which at this point, still seems all up in the air.The challenge that electric cars have that hybrids didn’t is getting over the range issue.  The Leaf only has a range of 100 miles, which is more than enough for 99% of your driving, but ‘Mericans love the freedom of being able to go where they want when they want. If I want to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, by gummit, I want to have a car 24/7/365 that will get me there. If Nissan just drops these cars in people’s laps, forces them to get them with their $500K McMansions, word will spread that they are great (or shitty) and a moderately influential part of the population will all of a sudden become early adopters.That is just my $0.02.  The electric car is coming. If  you were in charge, what would you do to promote the technology?