Relay For Bots

This coming weekend, the American Cancer Society is hosting it’s annual Relay for Life in our home town of Willow Glen.  If you aren’t familiar with the relay, teams of 8 raise money for cancer research and walk with other cancer survivors, their friends and families for 24 hours.

I’m really excited about it because Holly and I are doing a Survivor Lap prior to the main event kicking off.  Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t say that.

This year the heads of the event are expecting close to 1,000 people, mostly people from the community, to walk and show their support.

Leading up to the event, Dave Keller, who manages the awesome Willow Glen Extra site, suggested that we build a Twitter bot to help people at the event communicate with one another.  With 1,000 people floating around a high school track, sleeping in tents, it will be hard to find people you know in other groups.  Twitter for good, so to speak.

The Bot is now live.  If you are living in Willow Glen and happen to be at the Relay for Life this weekend, do this:

  1. Sign up for Twitter
  2. Follow WGxRelay – To get the most out of this on Saturday, follow by your phone
  3. Send your updates of where you are to the community by texting @WGxRelay to 40404

Couldn’t be simpler.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday night if you are in the area.

If you’d like to make a donation to the Relay for Life, you can do so here. – Thanks!


Head Shaving Party

Holly shaved her head over the weekend. I watched and made a cool movie about it.

Head Shaving Party –

A couple of things that I noticed about doing this.First, I have a whole new respect for good video bloggers. Editing this was a pain in the ass. I don’t care about how easy Steve Jobs makes it sound. If you want to do something even half cool, it takes a lot of editing. The movie is about 8 minutes and I think that I spent about 8 hours editing.Second, I can see how editing movies could get really addictive. Not only are you making something really cool, but the feedback that I’ve received thus far has been amazing.You may be asking yourself why I, being an employee of Yahoo, chose to use MetaCafe versus Yahoo Video, YouTube or Vimeo. Great question. My goal is to get the word out about this horrible disease. Eventually, I’ll probably post it on all sites. In the meantime, it is on MetaCafe due to their Producer Rewards program. All money that this movie raises will go to help pay for Holly’s treatments & medical bills.Watch it and pass it on. It is a great message that we hope will save a life or more.

Hair Brained Schemes

As many of you know, my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year. One of the questions that comes up immediately after discussing her chemotherapy regimen is about her losing her hair. While we were told that it would thin, we were told that it would be too bad.Here is my post from her site:

When Holly was first prescribed the adjunct treatment of Xeloda & Oxciliplatin, we were told that her hair would probably thin a bit, but it wouldn’t fall out. I think that our definition of ‘a bit’ and the doctors definition are two different things.While I still think that she looks great, Holly has reached a level of frustration with the thinning. I don’t see it, but she is complaining that large chunks are coming out when she brushes. More than anything, though, she doesn’t want to let it go too long. In her words, she’d rather rip the band-aid off quickly. She has made the decision to shave her head. It is a way for her to be in control of her cancer and it is a chance to help other people. Her amazing hair will be going to Locks of Love, an organization that uses human hair to make wigs for kids with cancer and other diseases.We recognize that for a lot of women going through cancer, the decision (or lack of decision depending on how forced it is) to shave their head can not be an easy one. Since day one, we’ve wanted to share our cancer experience in hopes that it will change lives either by education or empathy. This experience will be no different.While the decision to shave is not 100% final yet, it is looking like that will be the plan shortly after her next treatment (1 weeks from tomorrow). I am planning on documenting the process and posting it on this and other sites (youtube, vimeo, Yahoo video, etc.). We’d love to do some unique things around this in raising both awareness and money for colo-rectal cancers.We’ve thought about selling sponsorships or selling her hair by the inch in a banner ad, but we are really looking for some unique ideas that would help to encourage people to think about this horrible disease.What are your thoughts?

Any thoughts or ideas that you can share would be appreciated.