Make It Vegetarian

Wow! I love bold advertising and this is some of the boldest I’ve seen in a long time.

Nice work to the PCRM.


Sponsor My Son’s Cast!

Saturday morning, my 6-year old son fell from the monkey bars and broke his arm. It was kind of a crappy way to start a weekend, but I think that there is a silver lining to this.Every year, there are 40,000 monkey bar accidents resulting in emergency room visits. I’d like to start a trend of having private companies help fund the costs associated with healthcare in America.Imagine your uncle Bob’s, who might die without his pacemaker, getting all costs covered in exchange for wearing a Visa t-shirt everywhere he goes? Maybe Grandma needs a new hip, how about covering the cost of that in exchange for getting her car wrapped with Actonel banner.I see this as a larger trend beyond casts, but casts, especially a full arm cast like my son will get on Monday, should be prime real estate for key advertisers. I’ve flown this idea past my wife and she was surprisingly on board.We’ll consider most advertisers suitable for a 6-year old with the only caveat being that there is a spot for his friends to sign their names. I envision characters with text blocks underneath them for his friends autographs.  I’ll let your creatives come up with something.The technology on how to wrap this is up to the advertiser and would need to be approved by our orthopedist. I suspect that some type of sticker will be appropriate, but I don’t know how it will stick to the fiber glass. That’s up to you.Ideal advertisers that we are thinking about include Pokemon, Bakugon, Nintendo or Golden Palace (seems like this would be up their alley).The kid is going to have a full arm cast for at least 8-weeks starting tomorrow.  This is an option for a single advertiser. He is in school for 4-hours a day (kindergarten), with 25 kids in his class.  He interacts a lot with other kids in the rest of the school.  I’d guess that he gets direct / indirect interaction with over 100 kids a day.  He spends a lot of after school time with his friends and other kids in our neighborhood.  We’ll permit limited, approved PR for this opportunity.My wife and I are serious about this, but also consider any type of sponsorship to be college money for him.  Like a lot of parents, we have high hopes for our kids.  In other words, think Stanford not state school. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly via this blog.

Loyal ‘Simpsons’ Fans Fetch Higher Ad Rates on Web (Update1) –

Great article in Bloomberg on how the Simpsons are getting a 50% higher CPM on Hulu rates.

Marketers typically pay $20 to $40 per thousand viewers for a prime-time ad. On Hulu, which began offering shows to the public in March 2008, an ad on the animated series “The Simpsons” costs $60 per thousand viewers, Michael Nathanson, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. wrote in a June 18 report.

I’ve always loved the Simpson’s. The cast and crew consistently delivers awesomeness and while it hasn’t been as good as it was in their hey day, it is still pretty wonderful.A personal favorite clip:Loyal ‘Simpsons’ Fans Fetch Higher Ad Rates on Web (Update1) – tip to Paul Kedrosky.

Why I’m Boycotting the Super Bowl

I’m boycotting the Super Bowl this year.For one, I really don’t care.  I’ve never really liked professional football and I’ve always felt that it was a huge drain on society.  I know so many seemingly smart people that love nothing more than to spend 8 hours on a beautiful Sunday, neglecting their families, yelling at their television and getting insanely passionate about something they have absolutely no control over.  It makes no sense to me at all.But that isn’t the main reason.  If it were that alone, I’d probably head to a neighbors house, have a couple of pops and enjoy the commercials.  This year is different, though.To me, the Super Bowl reflects everything about the wasteful exuberance that has put this country in the shitter and I don’t feel like supporting that.Well over 60,000 people lost their jobs this past week alone.  Think about that for a bit and then reflect on how many people live in your town.  60,000 people lost their jobs this past week, yet millions will watch genetic freaks beat each other over a ball while making more money on Sunday than most of those 60,000 will in a whole year.With credit markets completely in the doldrums, 75,000 will shell out an average of $2,000 a ticket.  For those doing the math, that is $33 a minute of playing time.  While it is a broad assumption, I’m guessing that most of the 75,000 going to the game don’t have the $2,000 for a ticket plus another $2,000 for hotels & parties so they are charging it.  Awesome instant gratitude, CapitalOne culture we have become.With the recession killing off jobs at an alarming pace and a 16-year high unemployment rate of 7.2%, it is utterly appalling to me that as a nation we would support an event that charges $6M a minute for advertising.   $100,000 a second. I’ve always felt that any CMO that runs a Super Bowl ad should be drawn and quartered by his / her shareholders.  By running a $3M 30-second spot, you are essentially flaunting your wealth.  You are saying ‘Up yours Joey Newly Unemployed, we just spent $3M on a 30-second spot (plus $2M+ production) to sell you beer with CGI Clydesdales.  Go drown your sorrows’.While your pounding back that watered down, over priced to make up for the marketing budget, American beer, go to or CareerBuilder because they are spending a combined $9M designed to ‘drive traffic to the site’.  Well hells bells.  Any ad agency that pitches this concept should be fired.  There is a 7.2% unemployment rate WTF are they going to find when they get to the site?  Guess I’ll drink more beer.So no. I can’t bear to watch it.  Call me curmudgeonly.  Tell me it is just fun and escapism and that these companies have a right to run ads and generate revenue off the game.  You’re right on all accounts, but as you are watching the game, think of all of the people who lost their jobs over the past 6 months and compare that to the exuberance of the event. You’ll see why I’m boycotting.I’ll be at the beach.