Tour of Parc


I finally, after 15 years, got a tour of Xerox Parc. So many amazing things that impact our lives have come out of this building. I got to see the first mouse, the first scanner and the first Ethernet cable. Way cool.

Thanks to my friend P.H. Mullen whose company, PowerCloud, is based there.


I, for one, welcome the Google Self Driving Car

The operating percent of a car will go from 4% to that 96%. But back to my leading statement: there are unintended consequences. Parked cars will be a relic from the past. What happens to car insurance prices if a driver is no longer part of the equation? And if cars are receiving 20 times more actual use, that would imply that there would be 20 times less cars sold.[1] This is the kind of disruptive change that can reshape the automotive industry. The recent GM/Chrysler bailout may have been for naught.[3]

I can’t wait to get one of these.

AIR MILES launches innovative Health Promotion Program with Private and Public Sector – COLLOQUY

In just four and a half days, more Canadians had completed that same risk assessment than in the previous two and a half years; and in just one month, grocery shoppers in British Columbia were buying substantially more fresh produce and Health Check products than ever before.

It is amazing, how small rewards and recognition can go a long way to changing a country.