Hey Hombre, What’s Your Nombray?

My one or two regular readers know that I’ve been playing around with different life streaming services for the past few months.  I’m a big fan of building my personal brand, though it is hard to do in a single location.  I’ve got a great personal URL (yeah, Schnaars is tough to spell, but you get it), but anyone that is interested in finding out more about me needs to go to Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  So I have a brand that I’m cognizant of, but I don’t have everything in a single location.  If people want to find out about me, it’s like they have to go to 5 or 6 different stores, when they could just go to Target.I tried using SweetCron, but found it far too complicated to get installed, administrate and customize.  The cool part about SweetCron is how clean it looks for the end user, but at the end of the day, it was far too difficult for me to use.I love FriendFeed and I think that it is a great aggregator of content from various sources, but from a personal branding stand point, it is somewhat limited.  There are also only limiting ways to get your content from FriendFeed from their site to mine. Why send someone to another site that, while about me, is really about them?A few weeks ago, I was looking at my friend Sean O’Malley’s site and I totally dug the way that it looked.  He had everything that I wanted, a named URL and all of the sites that had his personal information all aggregated in a common site.  After doing a bit of poking around, I discovered that it was run by a service called Nombray, a service that lets you own your name and all of the content that you create.A few days after I mentioned to Sean how much I liked the site, he introduced me to Chris Lunt, CEO of Nombray.  Chris and I spent some time together recently talking about Nombray and the importance of having a personal domain.  As a personal branding service, I think that Nombray is second to none. I immediately signed up with http://schnaars.org.


The admin screen, as you can see above, is incredibly simple.  You simply point to the site that you want to add to your page and it automatically adds a tab.  Tabs can be moved around, notated, added and removed as simply as anything. If there is a better tool for building your own brand, I haven’t found it.Chris and I also talked about the impact that a service like Nombray can have on small businesses that incorporate their name.  If you’re John Smith and you own Smith and Sons, you need to have an online presence that is more than http://smithandsons.com.  You need to have a Twitter account. You need to have a Facebook page. You need to have a LinkedIn page.  You need to have 8 – 10 other services as well that show off your business.This is poses a challenge to many small businesses that simply don’t grok social media.  Nombray can help.  Chris and his team are working on a really nice premium version that will be available to small businesses (think law firms or doctors offices). The service will not only help you manage your personal domain, but also will help to aggregate the other social networking services to help spread your brand.  The value for a small business should be pretty huge.If you aren’t using a site like Nombray, how are you managing your personal brand?

5 thoughts on “Hey Hombre, What’s Your Nombray?

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  3. Sameer says:

    I'll play with Nombre on your recommendation but my blog does it for me as an anchor. <br><br>From a brand perspective, I think it's important to shape the experience, to the degree possible – i.e. a sort of importance weighting of different reputation objects (blogs, twitter, yelp, etc). And my blog is where I want people to begin to get to know me. Once Friendfeed has a less hideous blog widget, I'll use it to pull in my other streams. <br><br>That said, always looking for something better and the SMB angle is really insightful. <br><br>See you tomorrow!

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