Twitter, Zappos & My Love for Both


My love for Twitter is well documented.  My love for Zappos, not as well documented, but I do believe that it is an amazing company.  Whenever we’ve needed shoes for the family, and they aren’t an impulse buy, we hit up Zappos.  The service there is impeccable. Low cost, high quality shoes delivered to your doorstop.  It is a beautiful thing.Much has been made about Zappos being on Twitter.  I’ve been following Tony, Zappos CEO and the voice of Zappos on Twitter, for a few weeks and, like following any CEO, it is always intresteing.Holly and I have been over due on running shoes for a while.  We have been wearing Asics Gel-Nimbus for about 6 years and have no plans to change, but our latest pair have far too many miles on them.  Last night, a tweet about being part of the Zappos VIP program went out and I noticed it just as I was leaving the office. Sweet, perfect timing, I’ll get home, check it out, sign up, order my shoes and have them in time for a run on Saturday morning.Of course, disaster struck when I got home and I found that my router had died.  No internet, no VIP program, no shoes.  First thing this morning, I DM’ed Tony at Zappos to see if I could still get into the program.  He replied almost immediately, hooked me up with Rob, a customer loyalty manager, all was well and I was welcomed into the party.  Tonight, I ordered shoes.  My knees are giddy with anticipation.A year ago, I might have been able to email Tony, but I never would have been alerted to the program at Zappos in the first place.  More than likely, I still would have ordered the shoes from Zappos, but there is a chance that I would have swung by the running store down the street and grabbed them too.  Today, Zappos pretty much ensured that no matter what, all shoe purchases will come from them.Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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