How Bar Camp Works

There were a bunch of really cool things that came out of the Socialtext Face 2 Face last week. What was most valuable to me was to sit in on 9 different sessions on how the service works, how we should sell it and the common use cases that really make sense for wiki usage (more on that in a future post).

Most of the 3 days was done in Bar Camp like setting. I wasn’t familiar with the concept. Here is Ross explaining it.

Barcamp Rules from Luke Closs on Vimeo.

You are responsible for your own experience. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent sitting in on sessions at events like this that were an enormous waste of time. It was nice to have the freedom to bail on something if it didn’t make sense to be there.


Secondly, the wiki-notes have been great to review and engage new discussions on the sessions that I missed out on. I remember being at some Yahoo sales meeting and coming out of a session and hearing about how great some other session was. It would have been awesome to find notes, a review, maybe a video of that session. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available.


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