5 Sales People

I’ve been contacted by 5 sales people from 5 different companies in the past couple of days. 1 wanted a reference the other 4 are looking for a new job. 4 of the 5 are coming from fairly established companies. One’s startup is starting to run out of runway and is looking at different revenue models.

Not sure if this is coincidental or if this is a sign in the overall shift in the economy back to startups that aren’t just getting by on AdSense dollars. Thoughts?

PS – If you’re looking for a good Bay Area sales rep, let me know. I know at least 4 that are starting to poke around.


One thought on “5 Sales People

  1. I don’t use Google(banned years ago) but on JohnChow’s blog he wrote about how Google is not paying out like they once did and he stopped taking up space deplaying them.

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