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Super Cool

Originally uploaded by schnaars.

Alright, maybe I’m the lamest Flickr user on the planet, but I just now discovered the ‘Blog This Photo’ feature above each photo.

Did everyone else know about this and I’ve been the only one still grabbing photos by using the ‘Copy Image Location’ and plugging into WordPress?

Update: In looking at the end result, this doesn’t work. Anyone know why? K2 issues perhaps? Thanks.

One thought on “Blog This Photo

  1. I have never used “Blog this Photo.” That’s probably because I want to code-in style info for positioning purposes. I do not know why the picture doesn’t show up, but I would look at the style tags in the source and then serach for those tags in the stylesheet — who knows, the K2 deam may be using the “display: none” element for the Flicker style that accompanies a “Blog This” effort. Interestingly, the picture of Sam-a-lam does show up in the feed. Nice shades.

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