Gringo Burritos

Aside from the fact that it is white Mexican food, I don’t know why Alarm:Clock hates Chipotle so much. Perhaps because they are a McDonalds spin-off? But this was an out of character tirade this morning. Funny, but somewhat out of character for A:C.

Will Tech Beat Gringo Burritos?

As for a tech IPO happening that will beat the GBIPO (Gringo Burrito IPO), why bother dealing with the SEC and all the hassles of IPO when YouTube & Facebook are getting $1B+ valuations for acquisition? As for true tech, the big money (at least for a pre-ipo / acquisition valuation) is in content these days. Pure technology plays either just aren’t sexy enough (remember Akamai’s IPO?) or just don’t have a big enough market share (remember Rambus?) to command the type of run that the McDonalds of burritos would.

Create a mobile service that doesn’t drop my connection on 280 just before 92 and you may have something valuable.


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