#1 Schnaars

John Battelle’s post today about ego surfing based on your last name only, motivated me to try it out.  Like Robert Scoble’s experience, I was the number one Schnaars on Yahoo, Google and MSN.  Only Ask had a different result.

Of course, being the #1 Schnaars is like being the #1 Nahasapeemapetilon, so it isn’t too much to brag about, but it is still cool for a narcissist like me.  Woo hoo!


2 thoughts on “#1 Schnaars

  1. Sucks to be me. “Chacon” is not even in the top 10 PAGES of Google or Yahoo. For some reason, a subpage of my site made it to spot number 7 of the first page of MSN…very strange.

    In any event, sharing your name with a popular baseball player does kill search-engine rankings.

  2. Heather says:

    Scottie, I lost your email address…sorry to use this to get a hold of you but I lost your #too. Could you send both to me please. Oh and by the way, when I put my name in everyone that came up was a Dr. , Lawyer, Vet, musician, stage actress, humanitarian worker…somehow I dont think Im living up to my name…I was nowhere to be found.

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