New Blog + Kooky Technorati Ranking

I launched a new site tonight called Scott’s House.  This is not going to be anything extraordinary, but ever since Holly & I started talking about doing the remodel to our house, I have wanted to document the process.  Since we are now officially underway, I have started the documentation.  This site may go down as the most unsexy blog ever, but hey, it is more for the content, right?

What I find very interesting, though, was my Technorati rank when I registered it there.

Jason Calacanis, has done an excellent job of documenting what is going on with the rankings of Technorati, the good, the bad and the ugly.  My little pea brain will probably never understand the underworkings of how Technorati ranks their blogs, but I have to wonder how good a system is that ranks me at 1.1 million with no posts, no links and having only been live for 5 minutes or so.

In a supposed universe of 30+ million blogs live, I would think, that in a true ranking system, that I would go to the bottom of the barrel until I did something that was worthy of being pushed up a notch or two.  Nothing like being in the top 5% and doing no work at all.
What am I missing?


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