$6.5MM to MeeVee? Mee Confused

Could someone please explain to me why MeeVee recently received a second round of funding?  Is this Web 2.0 gone mad? The round, led by Labrador Ventures (which should be included here), is going to support engineering, marketing and business development efforts to address the soaring demand for MeeVee’s syndicated, and direct-to-consumer, personalized TV and video search service.

What I don’t get is why the world needs a service like MeeVee.  Sure there are a ton of channels, but how many shows does a person really watch?  I know that Simpsons are on Sunday, 24 is on Monday and TiVo takes care of the rest.  If I need a directory of what is on, I simply press the guide button on the remote and I can see the next two weeks of programming.

I’ve drilled down into the service and I just can’t see what MeeVee offers that Comcast or DirecTV doesn’t.  In fact, it seems to be coming up very short.  A search for the Simpsons yeilds only one result for the next 12 days (DirecTV on screen menu has 9 individual episodes in the next 24 hours).  A search for 24 comes up with 2 pages of results, but nothing with Jack Bauer.  This doesn’t get me to excited about using the service.
So please, what am I missing with MeeVee?


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